I got a spam message supposedly from MSN/Yahoo

If you received a spam message supposedly from MSN/Yahoo in the category “outlook,” it is likely that your email address has been compromised or that your email account has been hacked. This can be a serious issue, as it can lead to identity theft, financial fraud, and other types of cybercrime.

To fix this problem, there are several steps you can take:

1. Change your email password: The first thing you should do is change your email password. Make sure to choose a strong, unique password that is difficult to guess. Avoid using common words or phrases, and use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

2. Enable two-factor authentication: Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your email account. It requires you to enter a code sent to your phone or another device in addition to your password. This makes it much harder for hackers to gain access to your account.

3. Check your email settings: Make sure that your email settings are configured correctly. Check for any suspicious forwarding rules or filters that may have been set up without your knowledge.

4. Run a malware scan: It’s possible that your computer or device has been infected with malware that is causing the spam messages to be sent. Run a malware scan on your device to check for any infections.

5. Report the spam message: If you received a spam message, report it to your email provider. This will help them to identify and block any further spam messages from the same source.

In conclusion, if you received a spam message supposedly from MSN/Yahoo in the category “outlook,” it’s important to take action to protect your email account and personal information. By following the steps outlined above, you can help to prevent further spam messages and keep your email account secure.


Remember, taking action to protect your email account is crucial in preventing cybercrime and identity theft. By changing your password, enabling two-factor authentication, checking your email settings, running a malware scan, and reporting any spam messages, you can help keep your account secure. Stay vigilant and take proactive steps to protect your personal information.

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