i cant find the address book in my windows8.1 in my pc

If you are unable to find the address book in your Windows 8.1 PC, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many users face this issue and it can be frustrating when you need to access your contacts urgently. However, there are a few steps you can take to locate the address book on your PC.

Here are some solutions that you can try:

1. Use the search bar: Windows 8.1 has a search bar that allows you to search for files, folders, and applications on your PC. To access the search bar, press the Windows key + S on your keyboard. Type “address book” in the search bar and press Enter. This should bring up the address book if it is installed on your PC.

2. Check the People app: Windows 8.1 has a built-in People app that allows you to manage your contacts. To access the People app, go to the Start screen and click on the People tile. If your contacts are stored in the People app, you can manage them from there.

3. Install the address book: If you don’t have the address book installed on your PC, you can download and install it from the Microsoft website. Go to the Microsoft website and search for “Windows Live Essentials”. Download and install the software, which includes the address book.

4. Use a third-party app: If you prefer to use a third-party app to manage your contacts, there are many options available. Some popular options include Google Contacts, Outlook, and Thunderbird.

In conclusion, if you are unable to find the address book in your Windows 8.1 PC, try using the search bar, checking the People app, installing the address book, or using a third-party app. With these solutions, you should be able to manage your contacts easily and efficiently.


We hope that one of these solutions helped you locate the address book on your Windows 8.1 PC. If you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance. Managing your contacts is an important task, and we want to make sure you can do it easily and efficiently.

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