MS works on windows 10 64 bit

If you are wondering whether Microsoft Works is compatible with Windows 10 64-bit, the answer is no. Microsoft Works is an older productivity suite that was discontinued in 2007. It was replaced by Microsoft Office, which is fully compatible with Windows 10 64-bit.

However, if you still have Microsoft Works files that you need to access, there are a few options available to you:

1. Use Microsoft Office: If you have a copy of Microsoft Office, you can open Microsoft Works files in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Simply open the appropriate program, click on File, and then select Open. From there, you can navigate to the location of your Microsoft Works file and open it.

2. Use a file converter: There are several file converters available online that can convert Microsoft Works files to a more modern format, such as DOCX or XLSX. Simply upload your Microsoft Works file to the converter, select the desired output format, and download the converted file.

3. Use a virtual machine: If you have a copy of Windows XP or Windows 7, you can install it on a virtual machine and then install Microsoft Works on that virtual machine. This will allow you to access your Microsoft Works files without having to worry about compatibility issues.

In conclusion, while Microsoft Works is not compatible with Windows 10 64-bit, there are several options available to you if you need to access Microsoft Works files. Whether you choose to use Microsoft Office, a file converter, or a virtual machine, you can rest assured that your files will be accessible and usable.


In conclusion, don’t let the lack of compatibility between Microsoft Works and Windows 10 64-bit discourage you from accessing your important files. With the options we’ve provided, you can easily open and work with your Microsoft Works files using Microsoft Office, a file converter, or a virtual machine. So go ahead and access your files with confidence!

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