How do I rename a vba module?

Renaming a VBA module in MS Office can be a simple task, but it is important to follow the correct steps to avoid any errors or issues. Here are the steps to rename a VBA module:

1. Open the VBA editor by pressing Alt + F11 or by going to the Developer tab and clicking on Visual Basic.

2. In the Project Explorer window, locate the module that you want to rename.

3. Right-click on the module and select Rename.

4. Type in the new name for the module and press Enter.

5. Save the changes by clicking on the Save button or by pressing Ctrl + S.

6. Close the VBA editor by clicking on the X button or by pressing Alt + Q.

It is important to note that renaming a VBA module may affect other parts of your code that reference the module. Therefore, it is recommended to test your code thoroughly after renaming a module to ensure that everything is working as expected.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when renaming a VBA module:

– Avoid using special characters or spaces in the module name.
– Make sure that the new name accurately reflects the purpose of the module.
– If you are working on a shared project, communicate the changes to your team members to avoid any confusion or conflicts.


I hope these steps and tips were helpful in renaming your VBA module. Remember to test your code thoroughly and communicate any changes to your team members if necessary. Good luck with your project!

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