4 Tools for a Flipped Classroom

Flipped learning is establishing dynamic learning conditions any place it is being executed. The new period of flipped learning is about educators working in coordinated effort to learn more up to date systems for further developed learning. It’s likewise about survey flipped gaining according to a more extensive point of view, to perceive how it is assisting us with making a genuine learning environment.

Whenever we begin viewing flipped learning as an approach to making a learning biological system, we understand how viable it is. Flipped study halls associate individuals and give them an assortment of content and innovation. This builds the commitment of the students as there is action based, viable learning in homeroom time. An overall science class showed a development of 7%, 3%, and 6% in grades of the top third, center third, and base third of the class separately after the class was flipped.

Flipped advancing likewise supports sound connection between individuals, in a commonly advantageous way, which is the fundamental capacity of a biological system. Mixed learning, communication among individuals and casual learning are different qualities of a flipped study hall that take you nearer to fostering a learning biological system.

Benefits of flipped classroom

A flipped classroom, at its finest, gives students more control over their learning. They influence class discussion by asking professors for clarification, therefore their requirements dictate class time. Students can have more liberty when doing hands-on experiments and learning new skills in class. They may investigate new ideas in their own manner, at their own time, in a safe and supportive setting.

Flipped learning is very efficient when done correctly because differentiation comes organically and students are more likely to remain interested

Other than this, instructors do not have to flip their entire class in order to profit from this technique. You may instead flip a single lesson to introduce the concept to your pupils, observe how it goes, and then repeat.

4 tools for a flipped classroom: 

  1. Edpuzzle:  Edpuzzle is a fantastic tool for making any video interactive by including audio, discussion prompts and questions for that limited time. You can also add voiceover in videos via edpuzzle. You can track whether or not your films are being seen by students, as well as how much time they spend on each portion, to get a sense of how well they understand the content. You may utilize pre-existing videos as well as submit your own. This app is the top favoutite for teachers and even the students as this app has really active viewers and makes learning so easy with quality. You can check over the other tabs with a video playing in the background.

Edpuzzle makes it simple to post comments to videos, and the questions enhance the video’s interactivity. Students are given variant video assignments with a lot of related questions that allow them to check their comprehension during the video. This tool can be easily found in Android, iOS devices, in Chrome browser and Youtube extension as well.

  1. Screencast-o-matic: This website is another great tool to do the screen recording. Its studio is simple to use, and even with the basic version with a lot of various features.It is not too expensive and recorded films can be submitted immediately to YouTube.

Screencast-O-Matic was one of the first to be released and is still in use today. It is compatible with both Mac and PC and requires no installation. You may record and host 15-minute videos for free, and make an infinite number of clips if you have the Pro version, which costs only $15 per year. With just a click of mouse you can online record the screen. 

Screencast-o-Matic enables you to simply modify captured films and broadcast them across several platforms. This tool can be easily utilized in devices like PC & MAC.

  1. Google Classroom: Google Classroom, being a Google product, connects easily with several Google services, including Drive, Docs, and Meet, as well as Sheets.

While Google Classroom may not be the ideal answer for every school, those in need of a lightweight LMS-like solution may profit significantly from it.

Teachers may handle several courses with ease thanks to the simple, simplified interface.Google has previously created outstanding commercial collaboration workplaces, so they understand exactly how to enable online work and group projects. Google Classroom is used by teachers in a variety of ways, including delivering tasks to students and providing effective and efficient feedback, and it may be a terrific landing page for students as they explore assignments. Teachers can lead students to assignment goals, objectives, and directions in Classroom at the start of a lesson. Classrooms may also be used to disseminate digital texts and other materials for a course.

Classrooms may be used to give a unit Google Doc to students in flipped situations where students take digital notes on instructional videos. Teachers can make this approach a habit at the start of the school year so that students are aware that they should begin each class session by heading to Google Classroom.

  1. BrainPOP: BrainPOP develops animated materials to assist instructors and engage kids in the classroom, at home, and on mobile devices. Movies, quizzes, games, mobile applications, activity sites, and much more are among their offerings. Hundreds of topics are covered in Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Technology, Arts & Music, and Health.

Make use of their resources so that kids may view and participate with their entertaining and informative movies at home. After seeing the explanatory video, BrainPOP allows students to do things like “write about it,” “draw about it,” “play a game,” and much more.

BrainPOP Engages students in the learning process by using quizzes and games that allow them to explain their thinking while playing.

Bottomline: Try out these amazing tools and flip the classroom, enhancing the quality of the course. Flipping classrooms help students with the grades, interacting with buddies, and teachers. Flipping learning is indeed a creative and improved way to enhance learning.

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